Credit Your Community SERVICES


Merchant Processing Solutions for EVERY Business Traditional High Risk Niche Industries SUSTAINABLE GIVING TO OTHERS founded on B2B, B2C & B2G transactions – created a UNIQUE philanthropy program.Credit Your Community (CYC) is a social enterprise that markets payment technologies that meaningfully gives back to others.The business benefits are – lower payment rate & fees PLUS a sustainable donation for the businesses non profit of choice which has ZERO affect on the businesses bottom line or cash flow!Any company that receives payment via credit card:

> Business-to-business B2B– Business-to-government B2G– Business-to-consumer B2C

> Reduce outflows while increasing giving at ZERO cost to the business.


> CYC advises companies on a complementary basis how to:

> achieve the most cost effective credit/debit card rates by leveraging innovative PATENTED card processing technologies, offering solutions which, allow businesses to accept cards efficiently & securely using technologies and, reduce associated costs

Comply with Industry credit car regulation.

Credit your Community (CYC) markets payment technology and services internationally – B2B, B2C & B2G – to raise awareness and funding for charitable organizations.


Most businesses donate yearly to their non profit of choice. Via – Credit Your Community – we set up month after month, year after year SUSTAINABLE donations to the businesses non profit of choice at ZERO COST to the business & the business retains the marketing rights. The donation is at zero cost to the business as CYC makes the donation on the businesses behalf out of net revenue made from processing the businesses payments.

Credit Your Community aims to harness the SUSTAINABLE power of payment technology to combat need we all see around us.

This represents a unique and rare Win/Win/Win/Win for all parties involved based on what we all use numerous times day.

Join us in ‘Crediting Your Community’ – looking forward to working with you!