The Credit Your Community (CYC) Program

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We at CYC have taken that which all businesses, associations, foundations and non-profits complain about i.e. “those credit card fees” and we have turned it into a benefit for all concerned.

CYC has partnered with a values driven national credit card processors, who bought into the CYC concept of turning “those disliked credit card fees” into a benefit for all parties involved – hence we founded Credit YOUR Community.

We at CYC now get excited about something as basic as credit & debit card processing. We can now make a difference. CYC has gained accounts like the Food Bank, National Food Drive, Chamber’s of Commerce and, they all have signed up with us to process their credit cards and, CYC then donates 50% of net revenue to THEIR community of choice, at zero cost to the merchant business, eligible 501(c) organization or general consumer.

An example: CYC has signed a very successful Direct Marketing company that does a couple of million annually in sales mostly via credit cards. CYC, with our partner, was able (first) to secure a lower rate on their merchant card processing fees, and (second) enabled their donation to the local 501 (c) called Charlie’s Lunch, establishing a sustainable revenue stream for the Charlie’s Lunch. Charlie’s Lunch receives a donation never before available to them from this source, month after month, year after year.

Everyone wins! The Direct Marketing company, wins – they receive a lower rate for processing their credit cards. They win because CYC passes the marketing rights to advertise that the ‘donation’ on credit card processing is donated to the Charlie’s Lunch because of their customers. The customer wins as it supports a favored community and it is at zero cost to the customer and Charlie’s Lunch as the donation comes from CYC. Charlie’s lunch wins – we have established a sustainable revenue stream never before available to 501 (c) organizations eligible to receive donations. All win as the value chain supports itself in awareness, value and increased loyalty to the Direct Marketing company and, the Charlie’s Lunch community. I think you would agree ….. a sustainable and repeatable WIN, WIN, WIN!

In addition, yes, Credit Your Community and our partner win as well.

CYC donates out of our credit card processing net revenue and claim allowable IRS deductions. CYC pays donations automatically and directly to Charlie’s Lunch account monthly, year after year, in the merchant’s name. Yes, though rare, it is a WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN for the entire value chain!

The above example begs the question:

“Why would anybody not want to do this for their 501 (c) donations eligible organization?